Why Choose Blast

About Blast

Blast Volleyball (Blue Fish Bowl’s Junior Olympic Division), founded in 2001, has both boys and girls teams for players under the age of 18 years old.  These teams compete throughout New England and some compete at the National level. Tryouts occur in October for boys and November for girls.

We have several RI Volleyball Leagues, including: Indoor and outdoor sand volleyball leagues, tournaments, clinics and instruction boys and girls under the age of 18. Junior Olympics, team registration and individual registration. We strive to have best RI Volleyball Leagues & Volleyball Tournaments. New Program- one practice and Play in the H.S.  League.  Coached by Coach Diane

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Girls Blast 15’s open (4th in New England) and 16 open  had the top ranked team in Rhode Island (top 6 in New England) at their respective age groups!

Boys 18 earned a bid to AAU Nationals

Why Choose BLAST?

  • Club Director is Diane Short who spent 28 years coaching division I volleyball.
  • The goal of the club is to develop volleyball players to move up to the next level be it Varsity High School or College Ball.
  • Experienced Coaches Coach Nancy K 18U, Coach Natalie, 17 U, Coach Rene 16 U, Coach Laney Coach Jen 16 U, Coach Jay 15 U, Coach Brian 15s, Coach Keith 15s,Coach 15s Nancy C, Coach Morgan (Boys), Coach Kyle (Boys), Coach Brett(boys) Coach Jordan (boys) and Coach Diane skill session coach and 14 Open co coach with Nancy K.
  • Practice twice a week 
  • Plenty opportunity for numerous touches on the volleyball. Plenty of gym time.
  • Positional Skill sessions for all players who want it. No additional charge
  • 12 Girls teams and 4  boys teams.
  • Tournaments are 5-10 dates depending on open or regional.
  • Optional extended season for late spring summer. Regular season is December- April 2nd
  • College counseling for players wanting to play in college by appointment.
  • There will be try-outs with possible cuts at the older age bracket this year.
  • Blast Volleyball has been the longest lasting club in Rhode Island. 22 years .
  • Costs for 2022-23 are from $1800-$2800. Depending on the team.
  • Option for a payment plan is possible contact Diane@blastvolleyball.com

2021-2022 Season

  • All players will have two training days a week
  • All players will have access to HUDL
  • All players will have monthly competitions in uniform with referees
  • 2-18 boys named as the AVCA All American. Brendan Pendergast and Chase Bagley. 18 Boys Fire won a bid to nationals, 16 Open Tigers 6th in New England best in Rhode Island. Check out rankings for New England. We are one of the best clubs.

2019-2020 Season

  • All teams, all players, all parents will have access to HUDL
  • All teams, all competitions will have referees

2018-2019 Season

  • Out of the 25 teams;
  • 23 medaled wins at NERVA
  • Girls 18-1 ended the season ranked 9th & Boys 18-1 ended the season ranked 5th in New England

We had 26 high school seniors this year, 26 of them have committed to college, 7 of them received “full rides” to college and combined, with academic and athletic scholarships, have saved $1.3 million dollars in tuition.

2017-2018 Season

  • Out of the 24 teams;
  • 12 of them medaled at NERVA,
  • 6 of them medaled twice at NERVA,
  • Both the Boys 18-1 and Girls 18-1 ended the season ranked 3rd in New England
  • Both the Girls 17-1 and Girls 15-1 played up an age and medaled
  • For the 2nd year Blast 14 Boys remains the only U14 team competing in NERVA
  • And three Blast players made the High Performance NERVA team; Steve C, Lauren M and Brittany B.