Gordon School, 45 Maxfield Ave, East Providence, RI  (map)

Bay View, 3070 Pawtucket Ave, East Providence, RI  (map)


Walk-On Tryout

We are accepting walk-ons for the Blast Girls Regional Travel Teams for Player Ages 16, 15, 14 and 13.
Step 1 – Open the Player Age Chart and find your daughter’s Playing Age
Step 2 – Email Diane@blastvolleyball.com and give your daughters Player Age, birthday and position
Step 3 – Diane will respond if your daughter can be placed and give you the date and time for your walk on
Step 4 – Use the above buttons to either log in as an “existing player” (meaning you have an account with us already) or a “new player” (meaning you are have never played in any BFBVC/Blast event)
Step 5 – Click on the yellow VIEW button on the “2021-2022 Blast Juniors”
Step 6 – Choose “Blast Girls Walk-ons by Appointment only” and complete your purchase.