Coach Paul
14 yrs coaching experience
“Cannot make chicken soup out of chicken poop”

Coach Keith
22 yrs coaching experience
Favorite team is the New York Giants

Coach Ron
24 yrs of coaching experience
Favorite movie is Jaws

Coach Jay
30+ yrs coaching experience
‘Cause, remember: no matter where you go… there you are ‘ – Buckaroo Banzai

Coach Diane
30+ yrs coaching experience
Favorite snack is Dark Chocolate

Coach Nancy
29 yrs of coaching experience
Everything in life is situational – Adapt and Overcome.

Coach Brian
6 yrs coaching  & 2 yrs college playing experience
“I am weird in that I don’t have favorites”

Coach Chris
7 yrs coaching & 4 yrs college playing experience
“Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do Good.

Coach Natalie
4 yrs coaching & 2 yrs college experience
Favorite color is green

Coach Rene
25+ yrs of coaching experience
My favorite thing is to see players having genuine joy while playing really hard

Coach Kristin
20 yrs coaching experience
I like high heels, U2, the color navy and the fact that the picture makes me look insane!

Coach Scott
8 yrs coaching experience
“You CAN, and you WILL”

Coach Jenn
5 yrs coaching & 4 yrs college playing experience
“hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Coach Natalie R
1 yrs coaching & 4 yrs college playing experience

Coach Daylin
TBD yrs coaching experience

Coach Eden

Coach Terry R
6 yrs coaching experience

Coach Sydney
2 yrs coaching experience & 2 yrs playing college

Coach Carlos
2 yrs of coaching experience
“watching someone you have coached exceed in the game you love”